About Us

Who We Are:
Founded in February 2023, +1 News has quickly emerged as a dedicated news platform, committed to bringing forth accurate, insightful, and up-to-date information. In a digital era often cluttered with misinformation, our objective remains clear: to provide our audience with trustworthy news they can rely upon.

Our Mission:
At +1 News, we work diligently every day to elevate our standards and services. With limited resources at our disposal, our drive is fuelled by a passion for journalism, an unyielding commitment to the truth, and a genuine desire to serve our readers. We continuously strive to enhance our content quality and user experience, ensuring that our audience gets the best every time they visit us.

Special Focus:
Understanding the importance of immigration in shaping the vibrant mosaic of Canada, we specialize in covering the latest Canada immigration news. Moreover, recognizing the challenges and curiosities of newcomers to this great nation, we extend our platform to provide resourceful articles that assist them in their journey here.

Our Team:
Under the visionary leadership of our Director, Yogesh Tulani, our team is a blend of seasoned journalists and young enthusiasts, all dedicated to the ethos of honest and impactful journalism.

As an e-news portal, we cater exclusively to our online audience via our website. Each article and piece is crafted with precision, ensuring that it not only informs but also engages.

We take pride in being an incorporated news and media company, officially recognized and registered with the Government of Canada. This not only stands as a testament to our legitimacy but also reinforces our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of journalism.

Reach Out:
Your feedback and queries are invaluable to us. Should you wish to get in touch, drop us an email at contact@plus1news.ca.